What You Should Know About Pros Cons Exterior Cement Board

Cement board siding created by James Hardie that also known as Hardie board siding, has increased popularity since its introduction. Its reputation and function is equal to a material that last long low maintained.  Take a look at pros cons exterior cement board before you buy this material in your next project.

Cement Board Pros

There is currently a rising trend for this board siding in the industry. This material is affordable, available in a wide range of textures and colors and last longer. Those factors outspread the benefits yonder, and pros are a long list when it comes to cement board siding. Most cement boards are durable that comes with a 50-year, partial handover warranty and completely resist rot and insect. It also resists corrosion by salt spray from the sea.

Cement board siding is also versatile when it comes to appearance. Cedar shingles, wood lap boards, and wood shake siding are other siding materials that their look can be mimicked on the cement board. There are nearly infinite Color options. The finish often comes with a 10 to 15 year warranty accompanied with these colors. Cement board siding is fire-resistant as it is made of 90 percent cement and sand. in the weather department, cement board siding is the best option whether you’re seeking pros cons exterior cement board that can hold off the next seasonal hailstorm without experiencing damage.

Cement Board Cons

Unfortunately cement board siding comes with two main drawbacks. Its weight could be the problem as compared to other siding materials, your need more resources to install it. The next con of the siding is the material is not maintenance free. Regular repainting should be added into your maintenance schedule list. Hardie board siding has also high Installation and Labor Costs. Its composition needs it to have more a larger labor force, planning, and longer time installation. A 100-square feet vinyl siding weights 60 to 70 pounds while equal cement board weights around 300 pounds. Vinyl or aluminum siding will spend lesser labor and installation costs than cement. You also need to consider maintenance. Regular repainting is necessary. There is only 15 years warranty for finishes though cement board siding comes with 50 years warranty.

Cement Board Cost

You have to pay $0.80 to $5.35 per square foot to buy cement board siding. It takes around $4,750 to $13,350 for a total cost you have to pay. There is a huge fluctuation in the price range so any extra charge for tools and materials, how long it will take, the amount of siding you’ll need should be considered. However, you won’t mind the price if you think there are more pros than the cons.

Local Attentions

The demand, number of contractors, the climate of your area, and materials dictate the costs and pros cons exterior cement board. Before hiring professionals, make sure you meet 3-4 firms to consult with. The regular repair is the last thing you want to get in a cement board siding installation. In contrast, you don’t want to pay unwarranted extra fees and excessively.
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