Tips To Choosing Best Exterior Doors For Home

An exterior door is the obvious thing to welcome guests in your home so you should choose it carefully. There are at least two doors in most detached homes: a front door and a side door. The most attention in architectural design is the front exterior door and it gives warm look to your home. There are different approaches when it comes to the selection of an exterior door by architects, Fang Shui practitioners, home designers and DIY creator. But, to help in choosing best exterior doors for home  better by understanding the basic knowledge of the different types of exterior doors.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors make an extraordinary opportune to any home and you can apply a polyurethane coating to create complicatedly sculpted and polished wood. You will be able to increase a home’s curb entreaty with a solid wood door whether double-hung or single. But, you need to reduce weather damage by maintain it on an annual basis and they are the most pricey of exterior doors. You should allow light into the home by using glass side panels if there is a dark hallway the door enters into. Add more light by install a glass crown if above the door has height available.


Steel is also the sturdiest material that makes the most secure door. A steel door holds foam padding and the inside can be steel or wood. There can be baked on, basic, sturdy polyester or a replicated wood pattern for the door’s finish. You need to special order custom steel doors with wood veneers when choosing best exterior doors for home. The most cost-effective is the simple steel door, but especially in humid climates a wood or fiberglass door has better life suspense than this door.

Manufactured Wood

The most typical doors used are wood veneer doors, and they cost at the middle of the price range. Wear better than solid wood these doors are made from stratums of compacted wood in the center and added a wood veneer wrap. There should be more than 1/16-inch thick all around the veneer and prevent water seepage by make sure the veneer covers the top and bottom.


Not needing repainting and being maintenance-free, aluminum doors are custom made to your conditions. There is often a 20-year warranty that comes with these doors. You can choose any simulated wood finish or any color when it comes to aluminum doors painting. A simulated wood door has lower price since aluminum door is a custom made. So keep these in mind when choosing best exterior doors for home 


A fiberglass door is more recommended when choosing best exterior doors for home if you live in the tropics or far north areas. While it is more pricy than a steel door, it is the sturdiest in punishing climate conditions, and usually comes with long periods of time warranties. You can paint both double and single-hung fiberglass doors to be similar to wood doors. They wear lengthier than steel or wood doors and virtually do not need maintenance.

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