How To Plan Comfortable Choice For Dining Room Pool Table

When buying and installing a pool table, there are some of the things to consider including clearances, table dimensions, lighting and room size. Cheerful times may be evoked by the snap of ramming pool balls for many people. This is why the man cave, game room, family room, basement, garage, loft, or even dining room can get a classic addition with the pool tables. But it is more than choosing out felt tint and a leg design when planning for a pool table. This project is dictated by dimensions. Here are considerations and the amount of space necessary when deciding comfortable choice for dining room pool table.

Table Dimensions

There are three typical sizes pool table, and not a particular standard-size. It has approximate length dimensions in the names. Each manufacturer has its own outside dimensions but there is exacting playing surface dimensions. Pub size is 7-foot dimension with 38 x 76 inches Playing surface and 52 x 90 inches outside dimension. Professional size is 8-foot with 46 x 92 inches Playing surface and 60 x 106 inches outside dimensions. Tournament size is 9-foot with 50 x 100 inches Playing surface and 64 x 114 inches outside dimensions. The 8-foot size is the most common residential-size table but 7-foot tables are also available. The standard playing surface of antique table dimensions was 44 x 88 inches but was shortened to 4 x 8.

Space Requirements

With the table size and the clearance on four sides, the space you really need would be 12. 9 x 16 feet for Pub size, 13. 4 x 17 feet for Professional size, and 13.8 x 18 feet for     Tournament size table.

Edge Clearance

The perimeter should also have ample clearance around the table while your selected space may fit your pool table. A column or wall may collides your cue and make you miss a shot. It is ideal for play in the table perimeter with clearance of sixty inches. Add 3 inches for your backstroke with 57 inches for a standard cue stick. The most comfortable choice for dining room pool table is 60 inches playing area.


The chamber with the most vacant space is usually the basement so pool tables are placed there by some homeowners. But, other ideal place could be attics, lofts, and completed spaces above garages, particularly when they’re capacious. However, many homeowners worry the weight of the table on a higher floor. There is squarely distributed weight on pool tables though are weighty and don’t need extra support bracing. It weighs 700 to 1,000 pounds for a typical traditional-style 8-foot pool table. It typically weighs between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds for solid wood tables. The necessary reinforcement could be consulted to a specialist if you have an antique home or have worries.


Noise is one potential downside to placing a pool table in an exposed outside space instead of in a room. In a mutual open-plan space, the cracking of balls and laughter may disrupt other people. But, in a holiday home, it may set the air for enjoyable and recreation for some. This is a point to remember to make comfortable choice for dining room pool table though it is an individual preference.

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