How To Clean Partially Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Frosted glass and normal glass has one main difference; frosted glass is opaque and marked with depths while normal glass is smooth and clear plus glossy. Frosted glass distort the image on the other side that provide privacy as it scatters light that falls on in different directions so people use this special type of glass in bathroom windows and shower doors. There is a somewhat different technique necessary to use to clean partially frosted glass shower doors in the similar method as normal glass as the depths can get very filthy. If you are looking for way to clean your existing frosted glass, follow the below steps and tips to get best result.


Before you start cleaning frosted glass door, make sure you prepare latex or rubber gloves, newspaper or paper towels, glass cleaner, rough sponge, window cleaner, wet-and-dry emery paper, and fluff-free cloth. Before you start cleaning wearing the gloves is important as this will prevent unattractive finger marks left on your freshly cleaned glass and as a care protection for your hands.


Once you have wear the gloves, spray a glass cleaner to the partially frosted glass shower doors and then use newspaper or paper towels to rub in circular gesture. Old newspapers make glass shiny as it cleans glass well. A rough sponge may also be needed to use if the particular glass pane is very filthy. When you are using the abrasive sponge, you need to be very cautious if your glass is placed in a wooden frame, as you might scratch the paint off the wood so make sure you do not go into the wooden frame. Wipe using the abrasive sponge in circular motions lightly over the glass until you clean most of the filth and grime.

Wet-and-Dry Emery Paper Will Remove Metal Marks

Partially frosted glass shower doors may also get damaged by metal easily. You could use a damp wet-and-dry emery paper to eliminate the metal marks but make sure it has coarseness nearly that of the frosted glass itself. You may scratch the glass and thus damage it if an emery paper that you use is too smooth. Use your bare hands to directly comparing their feel to make sure that the glass and the emery paper have similar texture. This is a good way to find out. Use the emery paper to rub in a circular movement the streak the same way when you are usually cleaning the frosted glass. Continue rubbing until there is no streak left on the glass. To ensure the surface looks undeviating, remove any other spots and scrub the depths neighboring the streak.

Spray Window Cleaner To Complete

Once you have used the wet-and-dry emery paper and well accomplished to get rid of all streaks from your partially frosted glass shower doors, you can use a regular window cleaner to clean and wipe the glass, and then use a lint-free cloth to polish the glass. Keep your frosted glasses looking perfect for the next few years by using these tools and following the above steps.
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