Buying Guide For 36 Inch Mirrored Bathroom Vanity With Sink

The overall look of a room can be dictated by a vanity whether you want to makeover a bathroom or build from the scratch. Choose the best vanity for your space whether you're going modern or traditional. Here are the guides when you are going to use 36 Inch Mirrored Bathroom Vanity with sink.


Measuring is important. There are several key factors to remember. Entry and shower door openings and trim should have enough room to open and close. It is different for every space, so measure against the measurements of your bathroom while vanity doors and drawers open. The flow of traffic is the things you do not want to disrupt so do not choose too big vanity. Electrical outlets and switches, and mirrors are features you should consider. Your plumbing location should also be considered as it dictates the width of your vanity. You may move plumbing but it will increase costs.

Now measure dimensions for vanity cabinets with tops and vanity cabinets. Consider your storage requirements and the one will use it. 31 inches is typical countertop height, but personal preference may be different. A higher countertop like 36 Inch Mirrored Bathroom Vanity with sink is ideal for taller adults, while small children may need shorter models. The countertop will be needed to measure if you're buying a vanity without a top. Take the size of the depth and width of the vanity cabinet. There should be 1 inch deeper and 1 inch wider vanity top than the vanity cabinet. If you plan on using fillers, you need to provide the budget. Between the wall and the vanity, there are gaps next to a vanity that can be closed with a piece of wood called a filler or filler strip.


Your style and space can be matched with the best bathroom vanity available. Built-in and freestanding are two styles for vanities. There are many different styles and fit small spaces with freestanding vanities. For more countertop storage and space, and ideal for larger spaces, go for built-ins. A 36 Inch Mirrored Bathroom Vanity with sink may be bought with or without a top and you should also consider this. It is easier fitting a vanity with a top, but the limitation to choose the top that come with the vanity you bought is the downside of this type. You can choose your material options when buying a vanity without a top. Solid surface, refined, glass, and natural stone are an extensive variety of materials available for countertops.

Color And Finish

White, mid-tone brown, black, or espresso is available finishes for vanities, while glass, metal or wood is typical material offered. You can use the color of your choice to paint a wood cabinet if you’re feeling more exploratory.


Faucet opening is available on most 36 Inch Mirrored Bathroom Vanity with sink. Center-set or widespread faucets are the most popular openings. Widespread Faucets feature a spout with dispersed hot and cold water levers that come with separate pieces. There are 3-hole predrilled installation sinks with 6- to 16-inch drillings for widespread faucets. Centerset Faucets feature 3-hole installation basins with 4-inch predrilled. A single base unit has a spout and valves combined together. 
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