Black River Rocks Landscaping Ideas And Designs


Create a more natural look in your landscaping using black river rock. Add character to your yard whether you use big or tiny ones with black river rocks. Emphasize the area, draw guests' attention with shiny small stones. You can make pleasant gardens or elegant structures using the rocks in a different of ways with both rough and smooth look of large stones. Here are Black river rocks landscaping ideas to help you build your pleasant space.

You can add natural beauty to a landscape with river rocks. Hundreds of years of rushing water round the edges of river rocks and there are a range of shades of grays, reds, browns, and whites. This tough, enduring material can be made into different Black river rocks landscaping ideas in your backyard to create a huge, river stone fireplace. Use river rock in paths and patios mixed with other materials in garden beds or on their own. You can also let the rocks run naturally in a dry stream bed winding through your landscape or put them in cement structure for a more everlasting scenery feature.

Around Plant Beds

Use medium-sized black rocks to border a smooth outline garden beds. You could also dig a low ditch and filling it with the smaller stones rocks. Place around the plant some black rocks of different sizes within a natural area to emphasize a particular plant. You may also fill in huge gaps place in between plants with odd-numbered sets of stones. This will add to functionality and decorative aspects as river rock could bring interesting look to the garden and help to add strong structure to the plant.

Walking Paths

Part of a passageway or courtyard will look good with black river rocks. The black rock shows up in contrast to green plants and wears well to the conditions. Create a fascinating pattern using the black rocks alone or combine them with a different colored stone. Fill in between flagstones or stepping stones with small river stones. Small river stones will add texture and color to your setting but keep the whole space look natural.

Water And Fire

Footpaths and walls are not the only Black river rocks landscaping ideas that use rocks. You can make other features to stand out in your yard by building using your stones. Add both utility and charm by making walls or a fire pit using black river rock. You can fill black river rocks in the bottom of the pool or pile up the sides in a pond or other water feature.


You can outline a space, define areas, or keep planting areas on slants using small stones walls in yards. You can restrain soil on a slant where you have undergrowth and flowers or create short walls on the border of walking paths using flat cuts of river rock. Outline the space and keep high winds away from gentle flowers by surrounding flower garden with stack stones. This is one of the best Black river rocks landscaping ideas you could try for your garden.

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