Best Small Bedroom Furniture With Storage Solutions

Maximize wall space in small space with bedroom furniture with storage solutions. It is twofold problem not having a closet in a small bedroom when it comes to storage options though the pin size space is already hard to work with. When you are limited by the space, you’ll need to get a bit more inventive but you can make the most of the room by working several ways. You need to exploit of every corner and opening and try to find furniture that multitasks. There are lots of ideas to maximize the space in small bedroom as long as you are creative and think out of the box. If you are running out of ideas for small space, take a look at these ideas to help you out.

Double-Purpose Furniture

Find furniture that can work multitask if there is no closet available in your bedroom to store all of your must-have items. Trinkets and CDs and smaller items as well as books, and magazines can be efficiently stored in a nightstand with an integrated drawer and shelf. For alternative, at the foot of your bed, a wood storage chest offers good bedroom furniture with storage solutions. You can use as extra seating for the top of the chest while blankets, sweaters, and other larger items can be stored inside. Blankets and sheets are stored in a bed headboard that opens up.

Wall Space Solutions

Maximizing open wall space allows you to take advantage of height in a room without much width. Installing an old closet shelf upturned allow you to make a hanging nightstand, make space by your bed and add bedroom furniture with storage solutions. A phone and alarm clock are essentials you can put on the nightstand. Instead of using a large bookcase, you can also store books by using hanging wall shelves. Add the illusion of wide space in addition to give its essential function by hanging a large mirror in your room.

Under-Bed Storage

Create a convenient storage space by turning the space under your bed as it is usually vacant and unnoticeable. Under the bed can be used to slide suitcases used to store the folded heavy sweaters in the summer or other clothing that you aren't presently using and storing in your bathroom cabinet. Keep off-season apparel items and shoes in under-the-bed storage by buying storage containers that suit to the space.

Detached Closet

Facing an empty wall, you can use a freestanding closet arrangement to hang your apparels when you don't have a regular bedroom closet. You’re able to choose the closets that suitably fit your existing wall space and requirements as there are different sizes available for the cabinet. You are able to hang your wardrobe items tidily as they may come with clothing racks. At the bottom of the closet up on the floor, arrange your shoes there. You can cover the unit using a piece of ornamental cloth if you want to hide the closet. This bedroom furniture with storage solutions are the best option if you have small space.
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