5 Inspiration Ideas For Unusual Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans today do not only serve as appliances to help cooling the space but also serve as part of home decoration to beautify the space. There are a variety different types and styles of ceiling fans and they may come in unusual look and shapes though they still offer their main functionality. If you are planning to decorate your space and looking for something unique for your current decor, consider these ideas for unusual ceiling fans.

Raffaele Iannello's Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan looks like an RC helicopter landed overturned on your ceiling. It's a 1:6 scale model of the MD 500 Hughes attached on the base that looks like a helipad. It looks really cool with the narrow blades.

Super Mario Ceiling Fan

The largest online secondhand market in the world, eBay features most iconic plumber in the video game in the form of an unusual collector's item. Each character from Super Mario Bros is featured on each of the four ceiling fan blades. You will see Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and King Koopa that all are featured in these Super Mario Bros ceiling fans. It is really unclear but one thing for sure, it is really rare item for this collectible just like finding Kuribo's shoe in Super Mario Bros. 3 which is hard to find. However, they are often seen in the eBay market sticker is unreasonable as they are offered at $25,000.

Cumulous Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is one of ideas for unusual ceiling fans. a typical ceiling fan’s traditional exposed blades are removed and inside a ring of lighting there is a grill in front of the fan. Rather than a ceiling fan, you will see a very modern chandelier from the whole thing. There is a look like an alien spacecraft landing with this fan. There are 3 fan speeds, six 25-watt lighting bulbs, and a wireless remote on the 30″ diameter fan fitting. You will see more style in this design more than fun.

Ribbon Ceiling Fan

This fan is designed by a design student from the University of Blade Fans, Benjamin McMahon. He earned an Australian Design Award recently in the student design category. His ribbon-inspired invention is patent pending and when it's turned on it looks like a quick, free-sinuous ribbon, whirling in suspension. In some environments, the need for air conditioning may be limited as it is essentially more efficient than other ceiling fans. Compared to usual fan blades, there is a wider perimeter from the fan that can focus air in with the distinctive blades as they maximize of the geometry of a helical circle. It is a lot easier to switch from a usual fan as it uses regular fixtures for installation which add benefits to the Ribbon.

Minka Aire Gryo Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire introduced the Traditional Gyro ceiling fan collection and this is one of the ideas for unusual ceiling fans. There is an unmatched level of comfort offered by this really unique design. Any size or profile room may get efficient circulation of the cooling breeze air due to the accurately controlled direction and power from the traditional Gyro's ability. 
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