3 Ideas Installing Large White Subway Tile Home You Should Know

Below ground or in a lofty bathroom, it works well installing vertically or horizontally subway tile. It has snagged unusually well as a centenarian for subway tile. At the turn of the last century New York City's underground is the origin of the 3-by-6-inch glazed ceramic tiles and now kitchens and bathrooms in stylish prewar apartments are still using them above ground. They can still be found there and every kind of modern decor features variations of the tiles including the wider models. Take a look at these 3 ideas installing large white subway tile home to create a classic bathroom design.

Green Gushing Rim

A torso-height rim of rectangular, thin, multi-colored green glass tiles split up a tub and shower enclosed by white subway tile. There is smooth and shiny white tile with a stream of the green tile gleam going through the white background. Save the rest of the bathroom all-white but repeat the same shades of green that are in the tile border on downy towels and a bath rug.

Penny Tile

Give a bathroom a sense of eccentricity by mix and match tile and emphasize the design with an understated deviation in neutral color. Highlight the borders of the room with white mortar to install an eye-level lining of gray penny tile when you add white subway tile walls to cover shower stall height. Create contrast to the border color pattern and the subway tile using dark grout for white penny tile floors. Brighten the plain white of the bathroom with the addition of the smaller, symmetrical penny tile. Complete a perfectly pleasant look by painting soft gray color to the top one-third of the wall against a white ceiling. This is one the 3 ideas installing large white subway tile home you can try.

Outlining Shapes

Get updated with the shoulder-height stencil section, thin borders of slim turquoise tile outlining the top limit-height tiled wall, and the low curb at the bottom that retains the water in and lead it down the drain with horizontal white subway tile on an exposed, cutout shower stall. Add a bit of color to the dreary space and highlight the architectural piece of the shower cutout with the border. Set a dual band of turquoise tile into a white subway tile floor that hints the figure of the shower stall and goes around the border of the room about a tile's interval from the wall to offer more definition. A white laminate cabinet with a turquoise glass bowl sink and turquoise towels give accent to bathroom.

Boathouse Bathroom

In addition to 3 ideas installing large white subway tile home, a retreat house and children' bathroom works well with a white subway tile bathroom with wide chair-rail-height tile border. Create border with modest sailboat cartoons and hand-painted ceramic tiles. Avoid getting excessively tacky by keeping the boat outline a single color. Above the subway tile on the eggshell white walls with draw a fish shapes clear shower curtain with the same hue as the boat tiles, appliqued seashells towels, stylized jellyfish and cephalopods will give this nautical theme detailing from the sea.
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