Steps To Build Cinder Blocks Bench


It is a great experience to enjoy some tea and hot cocoa in backyard with a bon fire after the New Year. You can enjoy this relaxing activity around a steel fire pit in a patio in our backyard, but this space may lack seating for all of the friends and family members. You can find a solution for this and it should make you happy with the results. There are cinder blocks bench designs that you may have already seen before, but you may only spend cost less than $30 to construct the design. And loading and unloading all the cinder blocks into and out of your car is the only hardest part about this project. This custom seating is simple and really inexpensive. Keep reading this article to find out how to make a bench from cinder block easily.


Make sure you prepare these materials before you start constructing the cinder blocks bench: 12 cinder blocks, 4 pieces of 2x4x8 inch lumber, concrete adhesive or Liquid Nails and     Caulking Gun. All these materials cost you $29.70. All those materials are the main requirements but if you want to add beauty and comfort, you can prepare molding, paint and cushions. You can build sturdier and cheaper bench if you swap the 4 piece of 2×4’s with two piece of 4×4’s. You may also consider iron bars but they are much more expensive.


Bench legs or posts are the first thing you need to build. You will need to use 3 blocks- 1 horizontal block for every cinder block post laid straight over 2 vertical ones. Consider you preference or your cushions fitting to decide the space for each post. You may want to space less than 2 feet apart between posts. Insert the planks of wood into each of the top holes of the cinder block. Once your plank is in position and to your taste, apply some liquid nails to secure it to the blocks. You may skip this step if the cinder blocks bench feels really secured. You can secure it later or if the wood planks wiggle too much and keep falling flat you can secure the molding on the bottom. It is best you secure the plank to add safety especially when there are children around. Up to this step, the project has done and you can enjoy your bench but if you want to make your bench look more attractive, you can proceed to the next step.

Optional Steps

You may want to paint your planks and your cinder blocks to add splendor and add some cushions for comfort when they are completely dry. You can also insert 1 or 2 pieces of molding into the bottom holes and fasten with adhesive. These steps are options that are just in aesthetic side. There are many other ideas to adorn your cinder blocks bench. You just have to be creative and think out of the box. To pair this bench, you can try building a table made of cinder blocks to place your snacks or drinks.
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