Ideas For Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Door

Rather than choosing those traditional vinyl vertical blinds, you can choose other more modern and stylish options to add a layer of privacy with window treatments for sliding glass door. You want window treatments that can endure heavy use and open and shut easily as sliding doors frequently experience a lot of traffic. Without sacrificing functionality, you can add style to your sliding doors with Panel Track Blinds, Roller Shades, and Drapes.

Roller Shades

Easy to lift up and lower and strong are the reason why Solar Shades and roller Shades are ideal for a dramatic statement over sliders. You can decrease glow and obstruct UV rays with Solar Shades. There are a range of transparencies up to 90% blocking of UV rays with 10% layer. You can always keep a beautiful view in your space with this window treatments for sliding glass door . Roller Shades offer a wider selection of material option and transparencies. You can match any style of d├ęcor with your shades as they come in blackout, light filtering, and print options. You can choose to dress the space with either multiple shades or one shade to cover a wide set of doors as there are widths up to 144” for both Solar and Roller Shades. It is easy to operate Continuous Loop chain control.

Panel Track Blinds

Serving as room dividers or perfect for covering patio doors, Panel Track Blinds are An excellent update to typical vertical blinds. A Silver or White track is available to choose when using the user-friendly Cord or Baton control options. There are also the options of the opening direction: to the left, to the right, or divide from the middle. You can mount them inside the doorframe, on the ceiling, or outer the frame. As the good wishes in your home and the essence of flexibility, Panel Track Blinds come in a range of privacy levels and 300+ colors.

Ripple Fold Drapery

You should go for Ripple Fold Drapery if you want your glass doors are covered in soft folds of fabric. These window treatments for sliding glass door  slides down a track installed either to the wall or the ceilings like Panel Track Blinds. There are a variety of control options including Baton, Cord, and Motorized. 

Ring Clips

Avoid using a heavy wood or metal rod as it weigh down an airy look. As a substitute, use simple ring clips to supports the panels with subtle cable hanging system.

Sheer Panels

You can filter light with slight effort moving a simple pair of sheer panels using this unit, keeping a preferential feature of the sliding door. You can match your home's decor by finding the perfect sheers easily as there are all the color and pattern options available in the market.

Side-Mounted Panels

You can keep and frame unbeatable beautiful view and make constant use of the sliders with these side-mounted panels as simply decorative treatments. You can mount the rods above the top of the door's frame out of reach as this window treatments for sliding glass door don't move and visually adds altitude to a low ceiling as a design trick.
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