How To Wire Unique Outdoor Lighting On The Ground

It is probably low-voltage landscape lights for your unique outdoor lighting on the ground  if they aren't solar powered, so they are connected to 120-volt domestic electricity that steps down to 12 volts using a transformer. It is not always low voltage for all landscape lights, but series or parallel connection decision will make impact to your light. The right connection is parallel. When wired in parallel, there will be the same brightness from Landscape lights glow. Problems will occur if you connect them in series, and parallel could be the only option you can get.

Parallel And Series Wiring

The negative terminal of one light is connected to the positive terminal of the other when connecting electrical devices wiring in series, allowing other devices or power to connect to the other negative or positive pair. There is only one path to take in the electrical current in this arrangement, and the entire circuit stays the same. Parallel wiring lets you connect the negative terminals of both devices collectively and then connect the positive terminals as one in unique outdoor lighting on the ground. This type of circuit has more than one direction for the current to travel, and different parts of the circuit can differ, but there is the same voltage on all devices.

The Effect Of Christmas-Light

Series connection is hardly ever used to wire lights by electricians and producers of electrical devices, but there is more frequent practice in back days. Series wiring is common used in strings of Christmas tree lights offered in the 1960s and 1970s, and there are common frustrating cases when using them. All the lights would not light up when there is defective in one bulb in the string that makes restore the lights by finding the defective one a meticulous search. The current couldn't flow when the circuit is burnout and opened.

More Troubles With Series Electrical System

As electricity runs through, the circuit the voltage drops which is an additional problem with series wiring lights. There may more faintly glow than the other, or completely off in the farthest lights in the string. A low-voltage lighting string that gets power from a 12-volt transformer is the most common issue. The length of the string and the amount of lights that can be put in a string is limited by the voltage-drop. There will be more power consumed by eliminating the transformer to avoid this issue but you will spend more money to operate the string.

Parallel Wiring

The voltage-drop problems and Christmas-light effect can be prevented by parallel Wiring lights, and all lighting including unique outdoor lighting on the ground are installed in a circuit by electricians today. It is easy wiring fixtures in parallel in fact. The same color wires are connected to each other: green to green, blue to blue, and ground to ground. Almost any domestic electrical device is wired with this practice. You can just connect it into the circuit connectors available in most low-voltage lights, so series and parallel wiring is not an issue anymore.
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