How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinet With 5 Easy Steps


Refinish Kitchen Cabinet will not only make your cabinet looks like new, but also so clean. This is the best way to improve value and art of your home. Take your weekend for the more beneficial thing such as updating your kitchen cabinet. Minimize your spending by Do It Your Self. Refinish cabinet probably will be more expensive if done by a professional carpenter. So, if his skill in your hands, it would be a good opportunity for you to train, learn and also minimizing your spending. Well, here are some ways on how to refinish kitchen cabinet.


In the term of preparation, you need to prepare some tools and materials are needed to refinish your cabinet.  For those who live nearly to the homeimprovement outlet, like a Home Depot and Lowes, just take a few minutes to get on short notice. Just easily order and free shipping but if they are far enough, call and let them note your orders seem better.  Hand tools is the first important you need such as a hammer, sanding blocks,  scrapers, screw drivers, sponges and rags in your toolbox already. Then, a drop cloth or newspapers are also important to protect adjacent surfaces while working.  At last, paint stripper, a sprayer are also important to afford.  Then, make sure your cabinet surface is empty before working started.

Remove Cabinet Shelves and Doors

If necessary, you can also lift off pegs or other supports. Unscrew them if needed.  Just carefully remove the screws in order not to damage the channel. If you have some problems to remind where the shelves should be assembled at, you’d better to label all the cabinet doors and shelves.

Clean The Cabinet Outside and Inside

Before you start refinishing, make sure to clean the cabinet thoroughly. Any grease remaining will affect the way you refinish it. Use TSP to clean and remove a disturbing grease deposits to etch the paint so be sure to do it lightly. Then use the best quality sandpaper to sand any rough surface or at least the peeling paint then sand entire surfaces to make them even.

Priming And Painting

Then, the more advanced method on How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinet is priming and painting.  To refinish your cabinet, you need to some sections of primes, and at first you need the first prime. Doing this one can allow old paint to bond with the new paint above it.  Priming is needed when you are painting an unfinished surface such as metal, wood, concrete, drywall etc. 

The best matches is an oil primer over oil paint and shellac primer over latex paint. Before applying a primer, you need to sand it lightly and cleanly. Read the label of the bonding primer well to know how it works to be. At last, is painting your kitchen cabinet. To get a good smooth glossy look, you can also use a sprayer.

Take a brush then apply the new varnish within the similarly specified in the directions.  Only brush in a single one direction and not to lay too thick. Well, if you wish to revarnishing  your own cabinets, r a marine varnish is better option, thanks to its more water repellent ability.

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