How To Clean Wrought Iron Light Fixture

You can give a new look to old wrought iron light fixture by cleaning it. You can give your home's walkways, courtyard, or other open-air spaces a beautiful appeal with wrought-iron lighting. However, wrought iron gets soiled quickly when exposed to the climate. Rust will be developed on the iron by rain and moisture. It looks bad when iron fixtures get corroded and grimy, but you can remove dust and loose fragments with a tad of soap and water. You’ll need to scuff off the chips and apply new primer and coat on your rusted iron lighting. This guide is easy to perform that you can do on your own at home but make sure you are carefully following the instructions.

Wrought Iron Cleaning Steps

Pour warm water into a big bucket or bowl. Put in liquid dishwashing soap, and then form suds using your hand by stir the water around. Dampen a rag with the soapy water. Remove of chipped paint, dust, and other debris from all wrought-iron surfaces by swab them. Apply fresh water to the cloth and then dampen it to the soap water. Keep washing using soapy water to the iron until it is clean. Rinse off the soap and any leftover remains with a hose to spray the iron. Leave the fixture to dry completely.

Wrought Iron Refinishing Steps

Get rid of metal peels, pulverized rust, and paint chips using a steel-bristled brush by scour the wrought iron light fixture. Remove coarse rust patches with a crude scraper or file to scrub flat iron surfaces. Get rid of rust on curved surfaces with 80-grit sandpaper. Apply mineral spirits to soak a cloth, and then use it to wipe the wrought iron. Phosphoric acid in a rust convertor will transform any residual rust into a static crust named iron phosphate when you spray to the iron fixture. Leave it one full day for the rust convertor to set in. Wipe away the loose crust with a damp cloth.

Use oil-based metal primer to dampen a throwaway chip brush or bristled brush. Brush the whole iron fixture with a solid coat of the primer. Leave the primer to completely dry. Use a new chip brush to brush a coat of an oil-based metal paint. Leave it to dry. You may brush another coat of paint if you want. Flat or matte paint is likely to last shorter than glossy paints. Products that have phosphoric acid may cause irritation to eye and skin so you need to be careful when applying them. For best results, make sure you read and follow all instructions on the product packaging with awareness.

Tools And Equipments Required

Before you start wrought iron light fixture cleaning project, make sure you prepare liquid dishwashing soap, huge bowl or bucket, rag, steel-bristled brush, garden hose, file or crude scraper, mineral spirits, 80-grit sandpaper, oil-based metal primer, phosphoric-acid rust convertor, chip brush or throwaway bristle brush, and oil-based metal paint. You can find brushes, metal paint, rust converter, and metal primer at a hardware store.

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