How To Choose A Contractor For Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Refacing has its drawbacks though it saves budget. It may charge you with high cost when installing new custom cabinets though many homeowners wish for a fresh kitchen upgrade. The procedure has its own pros and cons if you choose to reface your existing cabinets and they are suitable structurally. Make sure you employ a trustworthy contractor who can suggest you some options and has familiarity in Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas to get the best results.

Fundamentals In Cabinet Refacing

There are limitations in Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas, and they should be warned by a good contractor. The drawers, doors, and hardware should be removed by the contractor removes during a usual refacing. A wood laminate or veneer product is used to facelift only the cabinet base. In most cases, doors and drawer refacing is not visually satisfying or even achievable so you will be suggested to buy new ones together with new knobs, hinges, and pulls by the contractor.

How To Locate A Cabinet Refacing Contractor

Finding through local resources or coming a local lumberyard and request recommendations is the best way except you make out someone who can suggest a contractor as lately had cabinets refaced. It isn’t a tricky project in refacing, but there should be some certifiable finish-woodwork experience for the contractor.

Evaluate Offers

You can save to the extent that 50 percent on the whole project of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas rather than replacing them, but remember that it is not always the best option having the lowest offer. When weigh against offers, the contractors should specify the quality and kind of replacements’ doors, drawer fronts, and hardware and the kind and make of veneer or laminate. There should be about 1/4 inch broad on typical laminate and veneer and, it could be made from a faced plywood product if you pick wood. 

There are attractively finishes on solid hardwood facing edges though they are more expensive. Wood stain is not absorbed well on typical plywood and laminate sheet materials to the length of cut edges, so the inside of drawer and door openings may reveal potentially ugly mark. It will only be seen when you open a door or drawer, but if you do not like this, you may want to install solid wood facing material.

Choices And Warranty

The refaced base should be matched to the doors and drawer facing by the contractor. Make sure the contractor set up unfinished veneer if you’re choose the stained wood, along with the doors and drawer facing, and then use the same stain and surface products finish. Golden oak doors should be ordered carefully if the contractor plans to have prefinished golden oak veneer installed for your cabinets. Finding an accurate match could be difficult as variables are too many including with the same stain name. You should ask the contractor about warranty. Workmanship for Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas could come with contractors guarantee, but they can’t fix a warped, broken or shaky cabinet base so they could not give warranty for this.
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