Create A Southwestern-Style Home With Wrought Iron Ceiling Light Fixtures

Consider installing contemporary Southwestern lighting fixtures to add a tap of the desert to your space if you want a more contemporary look but Southwestern decor without the addition of the antler chandelier. Stucco walls, wrought iron ceiling light fixtures and d├ęcor, vaulted doorways, and an uncovered beam ceiling are traditionally characteristic features of a Southwestern-style home. For modern homeowners, its lighting selection has incorporated modern accents for Southwest interior design. Emit a soft ambient radiance with Amber mica lampshades. Keep reading this article to find out more on how to decorate this fixture.

Pendant Fixtures

The room can have the feel of ambient, warm radiance with conventional Southwest pendant lights. There can be overturned pyramid lamps, billiard-themed track lighting, or Mission-themed design features in bronze or iron with a specifically Old World or Tuscan feel in the design. Keep decoration in check with the Southwest pendant fixture though some include vivid wrought iron patterns. It may be added with the Zia sun of fertility stature Kokopelli as Native American symbol or a special leaf detail. However, more dramatic colors and design is usually featured and single strands are used to hang the more modern Southwestern wrought iron ceiling light fixtures. Brighter lime green and yellow now is used in a rustic wall sconce with the warm amber, while hand-blown glass mosaics can be seen in past minimalist designs.

Wall Mounted Sconces

Southwestern lighting fixtures are still dominated by rustic talavera, clay, and punched tin, but you can also find slim, smooth lines available in Art Deco decor and geometric in some contemporary designs. You may see mica shade liner and a patina finish on a solid copper shell or base in modern Southwestern wall sconces. Color choice is the importance to decorate in the contemporary Southwestern style design. For your light coverings or mica panel, almond, amber, or orange are warm tones to try and base it with galvanized pewter, brushed or mottled copper, or punched tin.

Amber Mica Lampshades

Any room can get a gentle, shimmery radiance casted from lampshades made of amber mica cast. The glow will be softer with the thick mica. Give the room rich, warm tones of Southwestern touches with these shades, whether the back of a wood chair features a Native American, Saltillo tiles, or terracotta-colored walls that they include.

Lighting Protection

To specify Southwestern lighting fixtures or lighting that features natural materials, the product should come with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) marker label to make sure they have approved UL safety necessities when buying wrought iron ceiling light fixtures as with some lighting.

Setting up

As advised by most professionals, you have to install a suitable support system, whenever you choose the fixture weights more than 50 lbs and rustic lighting with metal material such as cast iron. For safe fitting, you may need a stronger electrical box as it can be very heavy when it comes to bathroom vanities and Southwestern wrought iron ceiling light fixtures and require. Make sure you use interior wall studs to install mounted fixtures.
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