Buying Guide For 12X8x12 Square Column Block

There are abundant differing building materials, applications, designs and finishes for 12X8x12 square column block products. To help you find the ideal columns for your project, this article will help you selecting product that suit your needs and desires.


You can use your column as a load bearing column, or do the load bearing work using a wood or steel load bearing member, and use your column in the form of a column cover as an ornamental column. Make sure the design phase of your project is best made early for this decision, and meet the architect and a structural engineer for a consultation. Handle your column project properly can help you to halve an expensive and laborious part by assembly and combine the column. Avoiding the utilize of a column cover or split column on the whole and choose the correct column cover for your application can really lower installation costs and significantly make simpler installation.


Using a split column or column cover allows you to reduce and eliminate the cost in several ways. You may not need to split the column shaft using steel or wood load bearing supports with a one piece column. To help you greatly decrease the labor and cost of joining 12X8x12 square column block and reduce costs, you need to consult to the expert early in your project.


There are wide selections of column covers for a column cover available. Give structural attachment to the beam and floor with a structural wood member or a steel post or beam load bearing for column products. You may also consider shear, uplift, or wind loading issues in various exterior applications. In high winds, it is important to tie down the structure using Simpson Tie Bolt or a structural steel member within the 12X8x12 square column block. There are many ornamental column wraps or column covers you can use in these cases.

Several thousands of pounds can be supported by a wide range of load bearing columns. To understand capacity estimates and guidelines for load bearing, check the technical list. To decide if it is suitable to use a load bearing column for your particular application and for precise load values, always consult your architect or construction engineer.

Column Textures And Finishes

There are a range of colors and textures in an extensive range of maintenance-free prefinished columns. Make sure you choose a maintenance-free column for your design when building a large column or a small porch column. Maintenance-free built-in colored synthetic stone may be used to make columns for strength. Enhance any project with a range of colors and designs for these columns a fine sandblasted texture.  For load bearing applications, a one piece shaft may be used or for reassembly around structural steel as a column wrap or column cover by splitting them.  A range of stone finishes and textures may use Cast Stone column covers if you need a prefinished column cover in applications. You can find lesser weight with the look and feel of stone in these gorgeous 12X8x12 square column block
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