Building Guide For Above Garage Door Storage Ideas

The length of the overhead edges of the walls has plenty of unused space in most garage spaces. You can use for storage by significantly add to the amount of square space with some easy storage shelves in this great location. There are only a few common tools to complete this Above Garage Door Storage Ideas project.

Get Ready

The first thing to do to start your project is make sure you establish a plan. Understand closely the requirements and tasks you will need to complete the project. You may want to make sketch of what you will build before you start. Once you are sure what you want to do, start the project by take out all the items out of your way.


You can use the 2x2 boards to make the Above Garage Door Storage Ideas to the whole wall. Get a stable distance from the ceiling cut against the ceiling with a bit piece of wood to help place the 2x2 exactly to the wall. Now, to make securing easy, hold the final 2x2 board using pieces of scrap wood as two cleats. Fasten 3" decking screws into every wall stud in the wall by placing the 2x2 board on the cleats. You won’t be able to remove the cleats after it is fasten. Locating a ceiling joist is really easy if there are clearly noticeable screws that were used to install the ceiling panels. Sink 3" screws through the ceiling 2x2 about 10" apart in the middle. Fasten it with one of the center screws first when installing it onto the ceiling. The 2x2 should be parallel to the wall so calculate and adjust it if needed. Sink all of the 2x2 screws to the ceiling.

Install The Upright 2x4 Support

Cut all of your upright 2x4 supports with length of the expanse from the underside of the wall mounted 2x2 to the ceiling. Create predrilled holes from each end of the supports for two 3/4" screws. Fasten the upright supports to the 2x2 piece on the ceiling where needed using 3" screws and wood glue. Ensure they are at a 90 degree angle to the ceiling with a square.

Install The Suspended 2x2 Shelf Holder

Fasten one of the scrap pieces of wood using screws to the underside of one of the center upright holder to make it easier to install the subsequently 2x2. This will help you to apply wood glue and screws to support the Above Garage Door Storage Ideas in position. It will be also easier to sink screws after you clamp the 2x2 plank to the upright support.

Install The Shelves

Lift the shelves perpendicularly along the back wall to install it. Use some 1-1/4" screws to secure the shelves on the front and rear when all of them are in place. Avoid the plywood from moving around using a few screws here. All of the weight is supported by the rest of the structure. Anything you need to store can now be loaded up to the shelves. This Above Garage Door Storage Ideas should be able to hold any stuff but you do not want it to fall apart by adding too much weight.
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