Best Tips To Choosing Exterior House Painting Color Ideas

When choosing exterior paint colors, there are many mistakes done by homeowners that may cause their painting project costs more than they expect. Here are tips to choosing exterior house painting color ideas to help you avoid costly mistakes. The most common mistakes homeowners make is they pay cost a great deal more for product and labor with a colorful and creative color scheme. They also make a lose-lose condition by ignoring next-door houses. You should not fall out your color scheme selection with the neighbor’s house. Pick a scheme that stands out in a fine, low profile manner or unify with the environs.


You should also consider the amount of landscaping in your property. For compatibility, when picking colors, you should consider flowering shrubs, trees that change color, and flower gardens. Shade will add darker colors due in greatly wooded bunch and could cover-up homes, so you need to focus to detail. In this case, avoid greens. When selecting and introducing colors on homes’ exteriors, you can boost resale price and curb appeal, an individual statement and a first impression with color. First impression may get lesser opportunity with the more normal white rather than a creative scheme.

Structural Details

You can often stand out architectural detailing with an accent or contrasting color so make sure you spot it. You also need to be attentive when applying tips to choosing exterior house painting color ideas. Drive through different neighborhoods, to see color effective in established and new homes. Note down color schemes that you think appealing and consider applying them to your own home. You can change the look of a home with the most cost-effective way through paint color without involving structural work. You can make a welcome sign using color when describe the entryway. Also try adding character to a house using windows. Give the color scheme freshness by outlining them.

Color Placement

A light color or white or a tinted neutral on a large home on a small area can make the lot appear smaller and the house appear bigger. Make more substantial but smaller look in a home with dark colors. Choose a few shades apart from two colors or shades from the same color strip to pick color placement in a safe and effective way. The body could be painted in either the lighter or the darker shade while the trim is in the opposite shades. Disrupt the door with a contrasting accent color. Add more friendly and warm feel for a home with a porch in lighter colors.

Reverse trim color or a deeper tone painting on the upper part of a tall house than the bottom portion can scale down height. In undeveloped landscaping or on a small lot is very effective using this method. On the other hand, you can pull down the house to the ground by using a darker color on the lower part. To add reflection of the sun’s light and heat, windowsills should be painted with light colors or white. Dark colors draw away space while light colors open up. Make sure you remember these tips to choosing exterior house painting color ideas.
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