5 Ways To Make Very Small Bathroom Designs with Shower

Have a very small bathroom actually isn’t a problem. You can make it comfortable or even be more comfortable than the bigger size. Very small bathroom designs commonly designed only for minimalist home that aims to save the space. The question appeared whether very small bathroom designs with shower is possible or not. The answer is why not?. Everything is possible to be realized. The key is how to use the small space efficiently. Let’s make it real by following tips.

Make The Glass Box

It is possible for you to design your very small bathroom 1.5 X 1.5 m within 2 m2 height. Place the seating closet near or at least almost adhere to the wall and let an empty in another side. Install the small high glass box to put the shower. Don’t ever try placing your shower near or even above your closet, because they have to have the different sewer. Then, make sure to install the sturdy and thick glass not to make your shower area is leaked. You need the small specified room which can contain at least a person inside.

Replace The Bathroom Sink

Replace the bathroom sink can be the next way to make very small bathroom designs with shower. The sink is very important, but if your space isn’t spacious enough, the best way is by replace it but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to install the sink inside. The best solution is by installing the bathroom sink outside the bathroom, specifically near the bathroom’s outside door. Design it not to hamper the entrance. Install it with the vertical way and place small cabinet above it. Make it easy and efficient, doesn’t it.

Install The Big Mirror

The last way is by installing the big mirror. A big mirror doesn’t mean bad for small bathroom. Precisely it can make the room looks greater and has the spacious illusion. Most of professional architects agree that hanging the big mirror can make the room looks larger. Beside that, consider any light colors, avoid the dark colors that make the bathroom looks narrow, dull and old fashioned. Again, consider the good vents or a good window with the best air circulation.


Fragrance is also important.  Consider to use the best air freshener with suitable smell. Don’t use an alcohol fragrance that will make your bathroom smells more disgusting, consequently, use natural fragrances like flowers, leaves etc. if necessary,  hang the small electric air freshener  to cover the bad smell of the shower box.


The last tips of having very small bathroom designs with shower is to stay clean. Make you and your guests feel comfortable when using a small bathroom. At least there is the  goodness behind of the lack. Use a hard chemical liquid to clean the floor crust, dirties caused by soaps etc. At last, don’t place your washing machine into your very small bathroom. You have to make an own room for this one or at least put neat kitchen sink might be recommended.

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