5 Tips On Choosing Best concrete Cinder Block for Home

Choosing the concrete Cinder Block for Home should be done really carefully.  Some of them might be composed with the imbalanced mixed. The cement, sand, small stones and other materials have to be mixed so well to get the best quality concrete cinder block. As we know that the quality of concrete cinder block will affect the quality of building strength and ability of it to stand longer. The best concrete cinder block commonly isn’t easily fragile, even have water resistance ability. That’s why most of them have to be withstand in many seasons, even when the extreme weather comes. Well, the following are some tips in choosing Best concrete cinder block for home.

The Best Mixture

To able to get the durable and strong concrete cinder block, the best mixture percentage of the materials for the best concrete cinder block commonly is 2 : 1 : 3 between sand, cement and also pebble.  Most of building contractors don’t put the fair mixture that causes the fragile wall of the building. To know the strength of concrete cinder block for home is just touch the surface and try to break the one by your single hand, if the surface of cinder block is easily fall, it means that the quality is doubtful. The second way is by breaking the corner of cinder block by your hand, if it is too fragile evenly when it is dry enough, means that the concrete cinder block is bad. Thus, those simple tips can be done before you go choosing best concrete cinder block for home. If needed, ask to your worker to choose the best one for your home. It is free and said that it is the part of his work.

The Size

Once you got the best quality of Best concrete Cinder Block for Home, the next way is by considering size. Not of all size can be chosen to your home. Not every single big one is better than the small one. It depends on the structure of your home. If your home typically is great and no need the crucial shape at the corner of building, choosing the concrete cinder block with the biggest size is wisely good. But if your home is small minimalist home with too much irregular shape on the roof, corner etc, you must use the smaller size to be more details and the result looks more natural. It also eases their works too.


Then, the best tips in choosing best concrete cinder block for home is by the price. Sometimes the price talks about quality, more expensive the price is, the better of its quality. But before you decide to talking so much, you have to ask the mixture before, as we mentioned above. Yes, perhaps some of them don’t say honestly, but the simple practice above will never lie. Consequently,  don’t be ever cheated by cheapest price!. Be the smart buyer will influence your future!
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